Origin Rules


  1. ALL VISITORS must have a valid electronic waiver on file before passing the front desk, regardless of participation. This includes all spectators, chaperones, infants, and any other non-climbing participants.
  2. Only a Parent or Legal guardian may sign a waiver for a minor 17 years or younger.
  3. Climbing, climbing related activities, and activities in the vicinity of climbing, involve inherent risk. By entering the facility, you assume all responsibility and liability for yourself regardless of your participation. If you are uncertain of the risks associated with your planned activity or participation, including observing or supervising minors, please see the front desk.



  1. NO Running, Jumping, or Acrobatics except within the established proper usage of fitness equipment designated for that purpose.
  2. NO Barefoot climbing, regardless of age.
  3. NO street shoes on the climbing walls except for children under 2 years of age.
  4. NO climbing shoes in the bathrooms (it spreads icky germs to the walls!)
  5. NO bare-chested climbing. All climbers must wear a top of some kind.
  6. NO food, drinks or personal items on the padded flooring. 
  7. DO NOT climb while intoxicated or impaired by ingested substances.
  8. DO NOT rest, sleep, or play on the padded floors, and especially don’t let children do it.
  9. DO NOT use fitness or training equipment for anything except its intended and specified purpose.
  10. DO NOT chew gum while climbing.
  11. DO NOT attempt to use any piece of equipment you are unfamiliar with before consulting an ORIGIN staff member.




    In Bouldering, all falls are ground falls. Guests are expected to observe the following rules for the health and safety of themselves and others. Guest, including children, who fail to observe these rules may be asked to leave without refund. 

    1. Keep your head below the top of the wall. Our pads are not rated for falls above that height.
    2. Do NOT rest or sleep on the pads, and keep your personal items off as well. Climbers are not responsible for avoiding you or your stuff while falling, and you may be held responsible if they get hurt by falling on you or your stuff.
    3. Do NOT climb under/over or within arms/legs reach of other climbers. The highest climber has the right of way.
    4. Only climb as high as you are comfortable falling.
    5. Watch out! You are responsible for what happens to you, and what you do to others.  Observe your surroundings at all times. Origin does not recommend bouldering with head phones in.  


    Origin requires climbers to pass a Belay Certification test before using the top rope or lead climbing areas. Additionally, climbers are required to observe all safety rules. Belay Certification may be revoked if climbers fail to observe safety protocols or exhibit hazardous behavior. 

    1. All climbers must tie-in directly to their harness. No carabiner clip-ins except on auto-belay.
    2. Auto-Belay climbers must be between 30 and 325 lbs in weight.
    3. Auto-Belay climbers must remain on the designated routes for the auto-belay they are attached to.
    4. ONLY Petzl GriGri, GriGri2, or GriGri+ may be used for tope rope and lead climbing at ORIGIN.
    5. Minors under 14 years are not permitted to belay unless enrolled in ORIGIN youth programs and under the direct supervision of a youth coach.
    6. Minors under 14 years are not permitted to operate the Auto-Belays willout adult assistance and supervision.
    7. NO outside ropes are allowed for Top Rope or Lead Climbing. Climbers must use the ropes provided by Origin.
    8. Rappelling is NOT permitted.
    9. Only an ORIGIN instructor or authorized AAI guide or guest instructor may teach technical rope skills within ORIGIN. Members and guests are not permitted to teach each other inside our facility or using our equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, teaching others how to a figure 8 knot, how to load a GriGri, or how to belay.
    ORIGIN reserves the right to add, subtract, or edit these rules and standards at any time without notice. Failure to comply with posted, or stated, rules and regulations may result in a guests removal from the facility without refund. ORIGIN reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Complete Belay Certification standards and rules may be acquired at the Front Desk or by clicking Here.




    Belayers must be 14 years or older to belay at ORIGIN.

    TOP ROPE Belayer Requirements. All top rope belayers must demonstrate an ability to:

    • proficiently tie-into their harness using designated tie-in points and a properly dressed retraced figure 8 knot.
    • correctly load and lock a Petzl GriGri, GriGri2, or GriGri+
    • check their partner’s harness and knot/belay device before climbing
    • understand and use commonly accepted communication terms and climber/belayer commands.
    • efficiently belay a partner using a Petzl GriGri while maintaining control of the break strand at all times.
    • lower a partner using a Petzl GriGri while maintaining control of the break strand at all times.


    LEAD CLIMBING/BELAY REQUIREMENTS All lead climbers/belayers must first satisfy all the requirements of the Top Rope Belay Certification before proceeding to the Lead Climb/Belay Certification. Climbers who learn to Top Rope belay at ORIGIN must wait 30 days from the date of their TR Certification to take the Lead 101 Class and/or attempt the Lead Belay Certification.

    In addition to TR Certification requirements, Lead Climbers/Belayers must demonstrate an ability to:

    • efficiently clip draws with either hand regardless of the facing direction of the draw
    • identify correct belayer body position and flake the rope appropriately
    • maintain awareness of the rope (whether climbing or belaying) and take immediate action when the rope position threatens the safety of the climber or belayer
    • efficiently lead belay using a Petzl GriGri, while maintaining control of the break strand at all times, and demonstrating the ability to prevent accidental locking of the release handle during a fall.
    • safely lower a partner using a Petzl GriGri, while maintaining control of the break strand at all times.
    • arrest an unannounced fall while belaying
    • take an unannounced fall while leading