Price Changes Coming January 1st, 2020

Over the last couple of months there have been a ton of amazing changes at Origin, and we want to bring even more to you as we continue to grow The Origin Family in 2020 and beyond. Some of these changes include: a full yoga and fitness schedule (up to 4 classes every day!), 24/7 access, more facility improvements, a coffee cart, free rental shoes for everyone, crashpad rentals, and more!

To do that, we needed to revisit our prices - doing all of these amazing things and providing them to our community is something that is very important to us, and we hope you think so too. We also simplified many of our options, and even lowered a few prices and eliminated a few fees along the way!

Starting January 1st, you'll see all membership, punch pass, and day pass pricing change for all new members to our community. 

New Pricing Effective Jan 1st, 2020 -
No initiation fee, no freeze fees
Adult EFT Membership- $65/month
Minor EFT Membership- $45/month
(Guardians are eligible for Minor dues if they sign up their child for a membership)
Kids ages 7 and under climb free with their parent's membership!

Paid In Full Options
One Month - $75
Annual - $650

Punch Passes
Adult Punches (12 and up) - $159
Youth Punches (4-11) - $108

Day Passes
Adult Day Pass (ages 12 and up) - $20
Youth Day Pass (ages 4-11) - $12
Kids ages 3 and under climb free with a guardian day pass.

Shoes - Free!
Harness & Chalk - $6
Gri-Gri - Free with collateral

Starting February 1st, 2020, all existing EFT agreements (except contract members) will see their membership fees go up or down accordingly with the new pricing. 
Contract members will not see any changes to their membership dues while you are in their contract period. Once your contract is up, you can roll over to the new pricing as Origin will no longer be offering Contract EFT options after Dec 31st, 2019.


Why did the day pass prices go up so much?
Our day rates have been the same since 2015, and our increased cost of doing business over the years has been largely shouldered by our members. We wanted to better distribute that cost across everyone who visits Origin. 
The good news is, if you factor in the cost of rental shoes at other gyms, we are still very affordable!

Why are harness and chalk rentals so expensive?
Chalk is the most used item in any climbing gym, and our day pass visitors like chalk almost as much as we do! Unfortunately, chalk also costs money to re-supply, which we do almost every day, so we do need to keep charging rental fees for chalk and harnesses.

Why did the ages change for the day passes?
Some of the changes we're making are to bring us more in line with The Pad's pricing - since we're part of a big family now, we want every Paddie and Originator to feel like all of our gyms pricing and policies feel like home.

Why did some fees go away?
The Pad and Origin feel strongly that we want to make our gyms accessible and reduce barriers to membership wherever possible. We want you to feel welcome to join us any time and not worry about initiation fees or freeze fees.

Why did some prices go down?
Like the fee reduction, we want to reduce barriers to membership - our PIF rates were very high and we want to make those visiting us for a shorter time (or making a longer commitment) to feel like part of the family!

The prices went up too much and now I can't afford to climb here!
We understand that not everyone can afford the new prices, and that's why we also have a volunteer program where you can help us out for a few hours a month and earn your membership that way! Email for more details.

Will my punches expire?
Nope- your punches purchased at the old rates are still good!