Our Las Vegas and Henderson area facility provides a variety of approaches to climbing and fitness, creating a new opportunity at every turn.



Bouldering is fun and social. Get into it. Bouldering is the essence of climbing where it is just you and the climb, with padding below.
  • Thousands of feet of bouldering and four distinct features designed with different angles shapes and colors.
  • Our 130-foot-long mirror wall where you choose the climbing length; shorter or taller.
  • Three huge free-standing boulders built to accommodate and inspire all levels of climber's abilities.

Route Setting

Headed by professional climber Andy Raether, with 15 years of commercial route setting experience, Origin provides great route setting.
  • Route turnover is 8 weeks. We keep it fresh and interesting.
  • Our bouldering terrain will have from 400-500 boulder problems.
  • Our roped-climbing terrain will have from 100-130 routes.

Roped Climbing

Origin exists to fully support traditional roped-climbing. With a variety of large, challenging routes, climb with others or on your own.
  • Be bold. Challenge yourself on a 150 foot base of taller walls. Here you use a rope and harness.
  • Test your endurance and reach new heights.
  • Practice communication and teamwork while handling ropes.


Auto-belays utilize a self-regulating braking system in place of a belay partner, and can accommodate climbers of all skills and experiences.
  • If you are short on time or don't have a partner, auto-belay's are the way to go.
  • Parties are easy when all climbers can participate equally.
  • Streamline your training by being able to climb when and where you want.


Origin Kids Parties and Groups

Come experience Origin with a great party. Our party and group offerings include unlimited access to all climbing areas, climbing equipment is included, belayers, and if available our group room. Origin would love to host your party, event, group, or reunion. Leave it up to us!
  • Pricing includes belayers. Already have belayers? Talk to us about discounts. We can accommodate any large group as well.
  • $200 for up to 6 people for 2 hours.
  • $390 for up to 12 people for 2 hours.

Climbing Instruction

Whether you are doing a formal class or a self-guided session, we have all the information you need to participate and thrive.
  • Belay Basics teaches you the fun-damentals of rope management.
  • Boulder Basics gets you out on the floor learning movement and spotting fellow climbers.
  • Participate in pro-climber run workshops geared toward you and your needs.

TruFusion Yoga Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6 pm!

Unite the mind, body, and spirit by developing strength and flexibility.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 - 7 pm. Included in the day pass price!
  • Taught by professional TruFusion instructors.
  • Participate in our interesting and unique yoga and fitness classes designed specifically for you.

Summer Camps. Camps start June 15th!

Keep your kids active and engaged this summer with Origin. We offer an exciting alternative to traditional summer camps. Starting at $150/week per child. Camps start June 15th.
  • Diverse range of indoor climbing and other activities designed for children of all ages and skill levels.
  • We help your child develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, focus, teamwork, responsibility, and confidence.
  • Fun memories and strong minds. No climbing prerequisites needed.


Training Zone

Designed by our pro-climber Andy, with all critical elements for experience and strengthening, the training-zone includes five elements.
  • One of a kind woody training wall. This wall is filled with custom hardwood holds made specifically for OCF.
  • Our system-board will be set up specifically to work all your weaknesses.
  • The campus board will target your explosive power.
  • Endurance will have nowhere to hide from our never ending Treadwall.
  • Your fingers will become steel-strong with our hangboards.

Fitness Facilities

Away from the chalk and noise you can enjoy working up a sweat on various fitness equipment.
  • Natural light from the outdoors and interior windows for a sightline to climbing creates a unique fitness experience.
  • Use free weights for a warm-up or cool-down.
  • Room to stretch.
Each guest to Origin must sign a waiver. Sign our online waiver now and get climbing faster.