Lead Climbing Basics

Learning to Lead Climb is an important and fundamental milestone for almost every rock climber. Once you're able to lead routes, you become more independent and each ascent you make will be a special victory you'll remember for years to come. A confident leader can go anywhere, and climb anything their skill and strength will allow. 

Our Lead Climbing Basics class is designed to give you the tools and knowledge necessary to start lead climbing at Origin, and become a true sport climber. These include:

  • Clipping Technique
  • Rope Awareness
  • Communication
  • Fall Technique
  • Lead Belay with a Petzl GriGri/GriGri2
  • Climber Awareness as a belayer
  • Hazard Awareness & Mitigation

Successful completion of the class will result in a Lead Certification at Origin. Please note that certification is not guaranteed. In order to successfully complete the course and gain certification, students will need to:

   a) Successfully lead a route and demonstrate all of the following:
       Correct and efficient clipping methods
       Rope Awareness
       Willingness to fall (by taking a fall)
   b) Successfully belay another lead climber and demonstrate all of the following:
      Climber & Rope Awareness
      Correct belay technique with a Petzl GriGri or GriGri2
      Ability to arrest a fall (by catching an unannounced fall)


Pre-Requisites for this class include:

  • Top Rope Certification and at least 30 days experience top rope belaying
  • Ability to climb 5.10 on top rope at Origin without falling
  • A willing partner within 50lbs of your weight

Advanced Booking is Required. 

Mondays 6pm-8pm or by appointment.

This is a 2 hour class. Please plan accordingly and arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled class time. 


*Note: This course does not include outdoor instruction, or a complete curriculum of information necessary to lead climb outdoors. For information on our Gym to Crag course through the American Alpine Institute, or for special instruction requests, please email Inquire@originclimb.com. Our instructors reserves the right to re-test all students to ensure you are ready to for the Lead Climbing Class. If you took our Belay Basics class, we require 30 days minimum before you are eligible for our Lead Climbing Class to ensure you have had enough practice top rope belaying.


Lead Climbing with Origin