Belay Basics

introduction to roped climbing

Let Us Show You The Ropes!
Maximize your climbing experience by learning to climb and belay on top ropes. 
You'll get access to more terrain, and dozens of new routes every month!

This 60 minute class covers everything you need to know to begin climbing on top ropes at ORIGIN, including:

+ How to put on a harness. 
+ How to tie-in using a Retraced Figure 8 Knot
+ How to belay your partner using a Petzl GriGri
+ Climbing Terminology, Safety, & Communication
+ Hazards and Risk Management

Successful completion of the course includes a lifetime* Belay Certification at ORIGIN and a coupon for 20% off Harnesses and Shoes in the ORIGIN Pro Shop.

Must be 14 years or older. 

$30 (Includes day pass & rental gear)
FREE for Members

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*Lifetime Certification may be revoked at any time for failure to observe all posted safety protocols or rules. Minors under 17 are required to submit to testing once a year or as needed to ensure observation of ORIGIN safety protocols.