Transcend the traditional ways of working up a sweat. Our Las Vegas and Henderson area gym features differentiated climbing and fitness areas where each individual can feel comfortable and succeed.


Bouldering is a fun way begin climbing. On shorter walls you will climb freely with cushioned padding below.

Rope Climbing

Whether you are lead or top rope, climbing our walls allow you to climb high. A traditional approach, utilizing two people and a harness.


Auto-belays are a perfect way for new climbers to experience roped climbing. Using this device, you can experience a smooth descent without needing a partner.

Training Area

Our training area is a varied one-of-a-kind training experience designed for you to truly achieve your climbing potential.

Cardio & Weight Room

Cardio, weight training, and stretching are an important part of a complete workout. We provide the equpiment and space you need to train right.

Yoga & Fitness

Let's be balanced. Our designated yoga and fitness space accommodates many people and a spectrum of classes, traditional or funky. Classes run Tues, Wed, Thurs at 6pm.

Parties & Groups

Whether you are a youth or an adult, Origin will create a unique and memorable party experience. Our instructors will show you a great time and get you psyched to climb.

Climbing Instruction

All ages are encouraged to participate in our differentiated classes. We provide all the knowledge and programs for you to succeed on the walls.