Adults 50+

senior climbing 50+


At ORIGIN, we believe that age is an accomplishment that should be celebrated! Rock Climbing is a powerful tool for positive aging that allows us to maintain physical health, mental sharpness, and emotional well-being. Plus it's fun! 

Whether you're a first timer or a life-long veteran of vertical adventure, we will inspire, motivate, and empower you to climb the Mountain of Youth.

While all of our adult classes are open to anyone 18+, our Mountain Of Youth classes, clinics, and meet ups are specifically tailored for adults over 50. We take into account all the potential physical, cognitive, and life changes that may affect exercise, learning, and social engagement to ensure you have the best experience possible. 


Boomer Basics

August 17 - September 14

Learn the ropes in a supportive and controlled indoor environment with a curriculum tailored specifically for adults 50 years and better. Enjoy active and educational components including:

    • Climbing Movement
    • Belay Technique
    • Safety & Communication
    • Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
    • Fitness & Nutrition
    • Climbing History & Culture

Cost: $150
Includes: One 2-hour session each week, plus a 5 week full access membership with rental gear. Existing members get 40% off! 

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Senior Meet Ups

Every Tuesday @ 10 a.m.

Make new friends, stay active, and practice your climbing skills! Meet Ups are open to climbers of all abilities, and no experience is necessary. 

Free for Members and First-Time Visitors

Only $12 for all other seniors. (Includes day pass and rental gear)

Nevada Senior Games competitors get $2 off. 


Rock Masters Senior Rope Comp

September 23, 2017

ORIGIN is proud to host Nevada's first seniors-only climbing competition as part of the 2017 Nevada Senior Games! This will be a pink-point format top rope and auto-belay competition for adults 50 years or better. Registration Deadline is September 4, 2017. There will be no Day-Of Registrations! 



Outdoor Adventure Day

Coming Fall 2017! Stay tuned for details!