Need help with birthday party ideas?

Are you looking to plan a special birthday this year? Birthday parties can be memorable for kids and adults. If you’re planning a party for your kids, why not plan something that will create lasting memories? Think back to one of your childhood birthdays. What was the best birthday you ever had when you were a kid? What made it so special and why did you love it so much? Whether it was roller skating or go karts, if you were lucky enough to have a unique birthday party it sticks out in your memory.

Birthday party ideas don’t have to be over-the-top to be special. Do something that makes you or your child happy. Simple parties like baking cupcakes and having a tea party, building lego houses and having a contest, having a magic themed party, treating yourself to dinner and a spa day, or even doing a physical activity that you like with your friends can make a birthday memorable. Here are some memorable birthday ideas and hopefully you can get an idea or even use one of these ideas for the birthday you’re planning. 

Parties for Kids

Depending on whether you have a boy or girl, this will most likely help you determine the theme of your party. However, you may need a little more help deciding on a party theme. Take a look at these birthday party ideas listed below that are gender neutral.

A Circle Party for Your Little One - Is your little one 2-4 years old? Toddlers understand simple shapes. If you want your toddler to get the most out of the party, then do something like this. You can literally decorate with lots of circles. Cut out circles in a color your toddler likes or cut our multiple colors and and place them on the walls and hang them in fun places And balloons! Can’t forget the balloons! Have food that is in the shape of a circle, like donuts, oranges, fruitloops, lollipops, pizza, cake, and you can even use a circle cookie cutter to cut out circle peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Be creative! You can have short and sweet activities for kids this age. Your toddler will have fun playing with friends and enjoying the fun atmosphere as he or she is surrounded with circles.

A Messy Party - Yes, you read that right. Your kids will name you the coolest mom and/or dad in the world if you let them make a mess for their birthday. Throw out that “perfect” idea you had for a party and devote your kid’s birthday to splatters and spills. This type of party is best for 5-7 year olds. Have the party outside so your home doesn’t get too messy. You can serve food like sloppy joes, licorice laces, and cupcakes with funky designs on them. As activities, you can have a silly string war, a pinata filled with slimy surprises, and lay out a huge piece of cloth or paper outside for finger painting (use washable paint and make sure to have guests come in old clothes they don’t mind ruining). Your guests might need some goggles for this party to shield from the crazy fun they’re going to experience. 

Be Active! Is your kid sporty? Pick his or her favorite physical activity and make it a birthday party. Does your kid like horseback riding? Make it a party! What about swimming? Make it a party! Is your kid always climbing on things? Make it a party! No matter what age your child is, a party that involves his or her favorite physical activity will always be fun, special and memorable. Origin Climbing & Fitness offers birthday parties for those kids who love to climb. Do you always see your kid climbing on the jungle gym at the park or school, on a tree, or maybe even on something in your house that they’re not supposed to be climbing on? Bring them to a climbing gym to let them release their inner monkey. Climbing is great for any age!

Parties for Adults

Hey, kids don’t just have birthday parties. Adults do too! No matter how old we get, birthday parties add special memories to our lives. Treat yourself this year to a birthday party you’ll never forget. Remember, it doesn’t have to be grand; it can be something simple that makes you happy.

As adults, we might want something more meaningful or even sentimental for our birthday parties, as opposed to kids who just want to play and have fun at their parties. But hey, sometimes as adults we also just want to have fun at our birthday parties and let out our inner kid.


Celebrating a Milestone - Whether you’re turning 21 or 50, you probably want to make this a memorable day. If you happen to be turning 50 and planning a celebration at your house, decorate with pictures! Take a stroll down memory lane with pictures of you and friends glued and formed into the age you’re turning. Place it somewhere in your party where everyone can see it. If you’re 21, you most likely want to leave the house to celebrate your birthday, but just in case you are also planning a party at home, using pictures of you and friends would be a great piece to have at your party for you and your friends to reminisce. This idea will work for anyone celebrating a milestone.


Have a Throwback Theme - Is there an era that you wish you could go back to and relive it? Well, it’s your birthday so you can! Wish you could go back to the 80s and wear big hair, bright colors and a fanny pack (ok, maybe not the fanny pack)? Throw a themed party so you and your guests can dress up, listen to music from your favorite era and reminisce. Themed parties are one of the best ways to create lasting memories.


Be Active! A birthday party that incorporates your favorite sports or activities is not only for kids. Adults can do it too! If you love football, then throw a football themed party with hot dogs, beer, chips and dip, and you can even play a little football outside. You can celebrate your birthday party at Origin Climbing & Fitness and bring your friends to climb together. You and your friends will relax, catch up and climb. You might even let out your inner kid when you visit Origin. Climbing is great at any age!

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