How to Spring into Shape with Indoor Rock Climbing

Now that Spring is here, the days are getting warmer.  That means it’s time to get into shape for summer! Indoor rock climbing is an excellent sport to get into shape. It’s adventurous, fun, exciting and will keep you physically fit. The best part - you get a workout without feeling like you are working out in the traditional sense. Read on to learn more:


Build Complete Body Strength

Contrary to popular misconception, climbing isn’t just an upper body workout. In fact, it’s mostly in your legs and core! While your hands attach you to the wall, it’s your lower body that provides the upward push. You’ll get a great workout from the hips all the way down to your toes.  Your arms, back, and shoulders will also get a great workout so you’ll be toned and sculpted from head to toe before you know it. 

Increase Endurance & Stamina 

Climbing combines the best of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. While you build muscle you’re also getting a low heart rate cardio workout – the best kind for burning off those winter pounds!  Climbing long routes, or doing laps on shorter routes, also increases your strength endurance. Climbing short routes, or boulder problems, helps improve stamina and recovery time.  

Fine Tune Motor Skills and Reflexes

There are few workouts that incorporate as much dynamic and plyometric movement as rock climbing. Climbing requires full body coordination and a lot of fine motor skills to maneuver up intricate routes.

Work Your Mental Muscles

Unlike many other workouts, you can’t zone out while climbing. Climbing is a mental exercise that requires critical thinking, problem solving and strategic planning. Your brain will get as much of a workout as your body and before long you’ll find that you’ve grown both stronger and smarter!


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