Climbing Around the World: 8 Places Climbers Must Visit

Climbing Around the World: 8 Places Climbers Must Visit

April 26, 2016

One of the amazing benefits of rock climbing is getting the chance to travel around the world to visit breathtaking locations. If you choose to pursue it as such, climbing can be an all encompassing lifestyle. Climbing all of the beautiful routes around the world is part of that lifestyle, and you don’t have to be an expert to start climbing in some of these places. What are you waiting for? Grab your climbing buddy, find a qualified guide, and take off to check out some of the places below:


Your local climbing gym:

First things first, learning in your local gym is also a great place to start. Climbing gyms offer classes on fundamental climbing technique and belay skills and provide a convenient opportunity to practice and refine your skills before going outside. Some gyms, like Origin, also offer outdoor instruction through guiding services and partners like the American Alpine Institute.

Red Rock Canyon:

Did you know that we have world class climbing right here in Las Vegas? Climbers from around the world travel to Vegas each year to take on the beautiful sandstone of Red Rock. With excellent sport climbing and bouldering as well as trad climbing throughout the canyon, Red Rock has routes for beginners and experts. As mentioned above The American Alpine Institute has guides  and clinics that will take visitors out to the many areas of the park to find out what climbing in Las Vegas is all about.

Yosemite National Park:

Known as one of the most magical places to climb, the view is breathtaking and the cliffs rise straight from the valley floor up to the sky. Every year, thousands of climbers climb through the Yosemite Valley, and they come from all around the world. They even live out of their vans or tents sometimes to be closer to the place love to climb. 

Railay, Thailand:

If you’re looking for something more exotic, then Railey, Thailand is one the most exotic climbing destinations that even has some routes for beginners to take on. Getting here will make you feel like you found a place of your own because the only way to step foot on this paradise is by boat. There are thousands of climbing routes here, and a everyone is bound to find challenging routes in this climber’s heaven. 

Boulder Canyon, Colorado:

If you haven’t heard, Boulder is where a lot of climbing advocates and professionals are born. With an infinite amount of climbing options, beginners and experts alike can seek challenging routes here. There are over 400 routes in Boulder Canyon for many levels of climbers.

Wye Creek, Queenstown, New Zealand:

Home of an annual climbing festival every January, Wye Creek is great for sport climbing. With scenic views of the blue water and greenery, climbers are sure to have a great view anywhere they look in in Wye Creek. 

Red River Gorge, Kentucky:

This location is not very beginner friendly, but after gaining enough experience, this would be great location to explore. There are mainly traditional routes here, like those found at the East Coast Gunks. If you’re a fan of sport climbing, Seneca Rocks and Red River Gorge have a little bit of it, and you will also find trad climbing here. During the climbing season, these locations are filled with climbers of all levels on the weekends. 

Franjura, Germany:

This location is an has a mind-blowing number (8,000) of routes for climbers to indulge in. About 300 of the routes are beginner-friendly because they are graded under 5.9. Climbing through this picturesque forest-like destination is great for any climber because of the many options. Beginners can definitely work on technique here and build knowledge in climbing. 

Looking for beginner classes? Check out the website for our Learn to Climb series or stop by the gym today. Visit our social media for more climbing tips and promotions. 

**Climbing and bouldering are inherently dangerous. If you choose to pursue the sport you do so at your own risk.**


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