October Member Spotlight

October Member Spotlight

Zach Zimbile

The Las Vegas climbing community is one of the most unique and diverse groups of people anywhere in the world. At Origin, our members are our family. Every month we'll feature one of our most outstanding community leaders to help inspire new visitors to jump in and become part of the crew.  

How did you discover rock climbing?

When I was in college, our rec center had a small boulder room and I decided to try it out. They didn't have much space to work with, but I could tell it was something I would enjoy given a different space. Once I moved out to Vegas, there were more opportunities to climb (both indoor and outdoor) and that definitely furthered my interest.

What do you love most about climbing?
Problem solving and the community. It's always fun to see everyone attack problems or routes in different ways and bouncing ideas off one another to see which way works best for you

Do you prefer Bouldering or Sport Climbing?


What is your favorite outdoor climbing area?

Probably Kraft. Since I like to boulder it's convenient to have that many options within a 10 minute walk.

Do you have any projects or goals for this season?
The goal is to climb outdoors more than in the past. It's more convenient to climb indoor, but I would like to try to challenge myself outdoors

What's your best Locals Beta for food, music, or culture in Las Vegas/Henderson?
My two favorite restaurants closed within the past year (RIP), so now I am on the lookout for a few new places

What do you love about the Origin community?
Everyone is always willing to help. Whether it's technique, beta or general advice, I've met a ton of people at Origin that have helped me climb at a higher level

What advice do you have for people just starting to climb?
For me, it's about having fun. Sure, training will make you stronger, but I try to have as much fun as I can, while trying to improve.