January Member Spotlight

January Member Spotlight

Michael Rambo

The Las Vegas climbing community is one of the most unique and diverse groups of people anywhere in the world. At Origin, our members are our family. Every month we'll feature one of our most outstanding community leaders to help inspire new visitors to jump in and become part of the crew.  

How did you discover rock climbing?

My good friend, a member at Origin, would always try and get me to join him for bouldering.  After months of putting it off, I finally tried it out and never left!

What do you love most about climbing?

It is a fun activity that keeps me in shape.  More-so, it is a unique way of problem solving that I find helps me with other aspects of my life.  Learning to set goals, making progress, and eventually solving that tough route that I have been working on for a week!

Do you prefer Bouldering or Sport Climbing?

I prefer bouldering.  I am still quite nervous when it comes to belaying due to a bad accident, so being lower to the ground is where I like to be.

What is your favorite outdoor climbing area?

I don't often climb outdoors, but my favorite places are Red Rock Canyon and Goldstrike canyon in Boulder City (they have natural hotsprings!)

Do you have any projects or goals for this season?

My goal when I started was to be able to climb V2 and V3 bouldering routes.  This season I am shooting for V6 and V7s! A lot of progress so far and I don't plan on slowing down.

What's your best Locals Beta for food, music, or culture in Las Vegas/Henderson?


Best local food for me is Hobak Korean BBQ in Chinatown.  First Friday and the container park are fun places to be on the first Friday of each month for a dose of music and culture.

What do you love about the ORIGIN community?

Everyone is so helpful and kind.  My biggest fear when I started was people laughing at how bad I was.  It turned out to be the opposite. Everyone I have met told me that they started where I did and have always been helpful when it comes to beta and helpful tips!

What advice do you have for people just starting to climb?

Just keep at it!  I was 220lbs when I began and spent over a month only being able to climb V1 and a couple V2s.  4 months later I was down to 165lbs and taking on V4s and V5s! Take advantage of the cardio room too if you want to make it easier to climb.  Lastly, make friends while you're here. Everyone is super friendly and love helping one another.