April Member Spotlight

April Member Spotlight

The Gorhams

Kevin, Tasha, Theo (11), and Hailey (7)

The Las Vegas climbing community is one of the most unique and diverse groups of people anywhere in the world. At Origin, our members are our family. Every month we'll feature one of our most outstanding community leaders to help inspire new visitors to jump in and become part of the crew.  

How did you all discover rock climbing?

Kevin - growing up I used to climb and scramble up stuff all of the time with my brothers and cousins. It wasn't until my brother started climbing and told me some of the stuff we would just scramble up was actual routes that I realized we climbed. Then we ended up climbing with him a couple of times and he eventually gave me his old pair of shoes. A couple of months later my schedule opened up to the point where I could get into a steady work out and then signed up for Origin.

What do each of you love most about climbing?

Kevin - climbing is so much more than just working out. I love how it is like a puzzle and you have to figure out how to piece each move together so it works for you. It is a constant source of rewarding feeling as you finish routes or getting to the next move.

Tasha - I love the little victories that you feel when you set out to do a route and complete it.

Hailey - She enjoys the challenge and trying new things. Also she likes strengthening her body.

Theo - When I am climbing I feel a sense of satisfaction. I do have a fear of heights and when I'm on the wall, my
fear melts away and I feel like I can do anything!

In your family, who prefers Bouldering, what about Sport Climbing?

Kevin and Theo prefer bouldering while Tasha and Hailey prefer top roping. We
haven't tried lead climbing or any sport routes outside but we want to check it

  What's the family's favorite outdoor climbing area?

  We have only been to Kraft boulders outside. It was awesome. Its almost like
  shopping as you walk through the trail asking yourself if you want to try that boulder
  out or the next one.

  Do you guys have any projects or goals for this season?

  Kevin - I want to climb at least one V7 by the end of the year.

  Theo - My main goal this year is to make it onto the competition team.

  Hailey - My goal is to climb a V5.

  Tasha - I would like to complete a 5.11 and boulder a V5 by the end of   the year.

What's your best Locals Beta for food, music, or culture in Las Vegas/Henderson?

Kevin - East Fremont St. for general bar hoping, The Sand Dollar   Lounge for good live music and tasty drinks.

Theo - In and Out fills the missing pieces of my heart with cheese burgers.

What do you love about the Origin community?

We love how inviting and genuine everyone is. We feel welcome everytime we go in there. Whether it is to climb or for a class. The kids can't wait for summer camp. It is nice to see people offer advice, and encouragement for a problem we might be struggling on.

What advice do you have for people just starting to climb?

Kevin - Don't worry about the grades, focus on quiet feet, and enjoy climbing. You will work through the grades naturally as time goes.